This is our strength

Because vb&t has everything under one roof, we can relieve you of all the work and your concerns. Our various business units know where to find each other easily and coordinate their activities carefully. You can be sure of fast, smooth progress and of the best advice.

What is even more important is our firm belief that real estate is there to serve people and that people should therefore be at the heart of everything we do. You will discover that vb&t is a committed partner looking for a pleasant, long-term relationship.

These are our core values

  • Customer focus
    We genuinely examine your wishes and needs and always act in your interests – efficiently, thoroughly and effectively
  • Reliable
    We do everything to satisfy you, while establishing clear frameworks in the process. Clarity makes us thorough and honourable.
  • Specialist
    We specialise in all the disciplines we combine within our company. A single practical specialist, who makes complex matters comprehensible and therefore reduces any possible risks for you.
  • Collaboration
    Not only do our business units work closely together, but we are also continually looking for new, enduring partners who can provide you and us with added value.
  • Dynamic and Enterprising
    We look for, see, create and make the most of opportunities. Innovative, daring, but always in control.
  • Innovation
    We are constantly looking for new possibilities to enrich and modernise our services. Challenging each other to gain new insights into developments and new paths in the real estate world.

These are our clients

We always aim to have a long, enduring relationship with our clients. vb&t guides, supports and unburdens private and business clients, healthcare and educational institutions, government and local government, retail, leisure, corporations and finance providers. We provide management, consultancy, brokerage and valuation services to buyers and sellers, tenants and landlords, real estate users and proprietors, asset managers and investors. This broad group of clients ensures that we are unrivalled in being well established in the entire real estate and housing market.

This is our team

Our team comprises some 200 colleagues, all of whom use their own specialism to give substance to vb&t’s services. By working together, they help our clients and customers; each in their own way on the basis of their own strength and authenticity. This goes to show that we believe in the power of the individual and of the team. We believe in doing things together: with colleagues, partners and you.

These are our companies

Everything under one roof: vb&t Group comprises various business units, each with its own real estate specialism. They work closely together and continually exchange knowledge and expertise.

Our partnerships and participations
Stronger through sharing knowledge. We firmly believe in cooperation and the integration of services. We believe in sharing knowledge to be able to grow our services and in being able to serve and continue to serve our customers in the best possible manner. That is why we are always open to long-term partnerships with a wide range of market players. Where appropriate, we participate in joint activities.