Special projects for vb&t Brandveiligheid & Milieu

vb&t Brandveiligheid & Milieu (vb&t’s Fire safety & Environment division) has got off to a great start this year. The first four months of 2016 have seen us involved in quite a number of interesting projects.

Certification of overpressure system, Zuidas, Amsterdam

Through the use of computer calculations, we have been able to demonstrate that air circulation for the overpressure system in the lift shaft and staircase at Zuidas, Amsterdam has no influence in case of fire. Furthermore, we were able to establish that temperatures would not exceed 400C˚ in the event of a fire. This rules out the need for special ventilators. The findings were accepted by the fire department and relevant inspection agency, meaning that the overpressure system will receive certification in line with article 6.32 of the building decree.

Foto BVM1, zijaanzicht rookwold

Environmental permit request, Schiphol

At Schiphol Airport, we have been working on a new environmental permit for approximately 25,000kg of hazardous substances. A full inventory of the risks has been drawn up based on the BOW-TIE risk assessment model. This model comprises threats, preventative measures and remedial measures in a single framework.

Car park ventilation, Schiphol

We have been able use computer calculations to demonstrate that the parking facility at Schiphol-Oost is fully self-ventilating. The findings mean that replacement of the fire alarm and evacuation systems is not necessary.

Foto BVM2, Luchtsnelheid op 1,7 meter boven de vloer van de parkeergarage

Fire safety at VUmc, Amsterdam

At the VUmc (VU Medical Centre) in Amsterdam, we performed a fire safety inspection in all buildings on site. To guarantee safety at the hospital, we recommended a high pressure water spray system be installed in the underground parking facility. An operational outline is currently being drawn up with a view to potentially fitting the entire hospital with a water spray system. This would render all fire and smoke barriers (except those in escape route stairwells) redundant, significantly enhancing hospital usability. In addition, the new system would result in cost savings amounting to €500,000 for the repair of the fire and smoke barriers.

Water spray system at the Erasmus University, Rotterdam

Rotterdam city council has given vb&t Brandveiligheid & Milieu the task of inspecting an existing water spray system at the Rotterdam Erasmus University. We will also be giving our recommendations on the system at large.

Fire safety renovation and transformation projects

vb&t Brandveiligheid & Milieu has also been commissioned to carry out a number of diverse renovation and transformation projects. To date, we have offered recommendations and performed flashover calculations for numerous buildings. This work has allowed previous office premises to be transformed into residential properties, for example.

In Rijswijk and a number of other places, we have provided recommendations on the installation of water spray systems in areas where structural fire protection measures proved no option. The systems we have recommended allow for an equivalent level of fire safety to be achieved.

Safe solar panels, Alphen aan de Rijn

Approximately 40,000m2 of solar panels are to be installed on the roof of a Zeeman warehouse in Alphen aan de Rijn on the recommendation of our environmental and fire safety consultancy. The renovated roof will be fitted with non-combustible panels that are instantly deactivated and earthed in the event of fire to prevent incidents. Both the fire department and insurer are satisfied with our recommendation. Placement of the panels will render the building practically energy neutral.

Outline documents for Jumbo and Albert Heijn systems

Outline documents on automated sprinkler, fire alarm and evacuation systems have been drawn up for various Jumbo and Albert Heijn outlets.

Recent changes to the 2012 building decree have presented opportunities for the escape route to be extended and fire resistance to be lowered. In addition, much work is required following changes to the way hazardous materials are to be labelled. At present, all labelling must be replaced using Globally Harmonised System labels.

Control room safety plan

A model safety plan has been drawn up for the new control room at Safety Region Rotterdam-Rijmond. The plan ensures that staff can continue to work in safety at all times and pays particular attention to external safety.

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